Are looking to move your furniture? Furniture moving in Dubai is a little bit complicated task that can be difficult to complete without the help of a professional mover. Having their help ensure that you get much-needed protection against damages. However, if you want to complete it on your own, then there will be a need for certain things. It includes newsprint, cardboard boxes, plastic trash bags, and masking tape.

Additionally, there will be a requirement of some basic tools using which furniture get disassembled and then assembled at a new place. Let’s check out the important instructions that you will find very useful for moving the furniture carefully. 

  1. The foremost thing that you need to do is performing the disassembly of furniture that needs to be moved. If you don’t opt for the help of mover for furniture removal in Dubai, then this process has to be completed on your own. 
  2. Always keep screws and small components in a separate bag and named them according to the particular furniture.
  3. The things that have drawers needs to be emptied first. Followed that, remove the drawers so that balance doesn’t get affected while moving.  Try to label the stuff of each drawer to make sure that things can be founded easily. 
  4. After that, the legs of furniture needs to removed. All the legs of the furniture are required to be wrapping individually.  Keep all the legs with the other parts in a box that should be labeled properly.
  5. Add the bubble wrap in the box for protecting the corners of your furniture. Don’t forget to tape the corners to the piece using the masking tape.
  6. We suggest you using furniture pads for protection against scratches as well as rips. 
  7. If your furniture has pillows or covers that you are going to remove during furniture relocation, then it is ideal for placing them a different plastic bag. It will ensure that they stay clean from dust. 

There is a great sort of things involved during the relocation process of home or office. If you want to make it smoother and free from any damage, then it is ideal that you choose our platform for furniture moving in Dubai. We have a solid portfolio and tons of happy customers who are spread all over the city. 

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