So, finally, you have reached your new residence after so many efforts while shifting along with the help of the moving companies in Dubai. But, you aren’t yet allowed to think about its conclusion. This can be only done once you close your eyes and have a sound sleep during the night. Apart from that, until your important works are not over you can’t call it a complete shifting! The varied tasks that you need to undertake during the first day at your new residence wholly depend upon the time of your arrival there.

Here are few important activities which you should undertake during the first day at your new place in Dubai:

Re-check the utilities there

While reaching your new house, there is a mandatory need for you to check the varied utilities prevalent there. You shall check whether they are working or there is a need for fixing them or not. You must check that the gas stove, taps, electricity sockets, and other important things are working there.

Keeping the boxes at designated places

If you are taking help from the moving companies in Dubai, then you don’t have to worry about the location of your packed boxes. This is because they keep the packages from their trucks to the designated rooms. But, if you are doing it on your own you must keep those boxes in the rooms assigned for them.

Unpacking the boxes

Upon arriving at your new place, you must unbox the essential packages which have the most important things placed in them. This is going to swipe off the hassle as well as the last-minute confusions if any! These boxes might contain essential things such as toiletries, clothes and medication too.

Prepare the bathroom of the new residence 

No doubt on this one, but you are literally going to get exhausted and dirty while being indulged in the shifting procedure. For removing such an uncomfortable feeling, you must take a hot shower. You would have to prepare your bathroom for the same. For this, you must unpack the toiletries and hang the shower curtains.

Keep it slow

You must know that the setting up of your new residence can’t be completed in a single day. Don’t stay harsh on yourself, plan your work and complete the things which are possible to be done in a single day. Later on, you can move towards the next work. Take one step at a time so that there is no hassle.

Moving to a new house is an overwhelming feeling but the shifting procedure isn’t. While setting up the things at your new place, you shall not do anything in a hasty manner. Instead, just do them bit by bit and you will see things improve.

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